I saw this video today and cannot wait to share it with you all. It took me back to the memories of the 'good old days', when digital photography weren't exist, to the memories of anxious while you waiting and the excitement when you first saw your photos after they've been developed and printed. Nowaday less and less people value a printed photography or album since digital became so convenient, however, I personally doubt if any of you have a USB drive of images from back in the 90s when digital photography first got introduced into Australia that can still be read by any devices. I don't know how long a USB drive can last, but just like f ... READ MORE
Love is pure, love has no boundary, and love has no limits. Sometimes you witness a love so strong that just being around it makes you want to love harder than ever before. It opens you eyes and heart. It’s clear that Chris and Ben share this kind of love. It was a 1920s themed same-sex union, which took place in Werribee Mansion. I’m so grateful to able to witness and to document their laughter and tears, I can’t say thank you enough to both Chris and Ben for allowing me to be part of their big day.               READ MORE